Stream remotely from any studio or locally on the server side. Transition listeners smoothly between live feeds and an archive of playlists or general rotation. The fallback attribute in the Icecast server hosting configuration file maintains a mountpoint priority level in the event of an outage. Rather than broadcast dead air when a remote source drops, the local transcoder will continue to play tracks in the background until regularly scheduled programming returns.

Restrict DJ login privileges to necessary times and dates. Prevent permissions problems by sighting specifically just what a web caster can and can not do. Exercise full control as Icecast server admin. Download royalty reports. Integrate copy and paste widgets. Schedule playlists. Upload audio tracks. And so forth and so on…

Power Icecast servers on or off at will. Edit the raw xml to customize configurations as needed. Though, no skills are required. The control panel interface, Centova Cast, makes icecast server hosting a cinch. Login to the dashboard in true DIY fashion to manually adjust settings or simply ask tech support to handle the changes.

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Deploy the Icecast KH branch or stable software version. Your choice.

Centova Cast Panel

Icecast server hosting control panel

Centova Cast is by far the most in depth streaming control panel for Icecast server hosting and Shoutcast server hosting, for that matter. The industry leading software is an Ajax based drag and drop controller which lets users modify content without leaving the familiarity and comfort of a modern web browser.

The playlist manager supports four types of basic radio programming: general rotation, scheduled, interval, and immediate. First assign different playback “weights” to give specific tracks more or less precedence. Next insert jingles or station identification clips to repeat on demand. Then mix media by time and date, random shuffling, or sequential order, etc.

The newest software development packages a web player, as well as other copy and paste widgets, for easy integration into websites. The design also improves statistical interactivity and tracks listener behavior for analytics and royalty reporting purposes.

Icecast Server Hosting Compatibility

Icecast server hosting is a flexible streaming audio platform

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