Why Icecast Server Hosting?

Broadcast commercial AM/FM stations online

Broadcast an audio source remotely from any studio, or stream locally on the server side (or both). Automatically switch back and forth between live disk jockeys and an auto dj. Push listeners to live feeds, playlist archives, general rotation, etc. Fallback mounts in the default Icecast server hosting configuration maintain a cascading priority. So, rather than disconnect if a /live signal drops, listeners will “fallback” to the /autodj mountpoint playing tracks in the background until regularly scheduled programming returns. Read the documentation here.

Drive listener traffic through an adaptive routing mechanism to reduce latency. The dynamic network paths across the information Superhighway are constantly caching data. Let an intelligent component determine the fastest, most stable, route from point A to B in real time. Now, end users traverse Internet hops like roads on a GPS for a more consistent connectivity. Avoid packet loss. Enhance experience.

Why Icecast Server Hosting

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Centova Cast Panel

Icecast server hosting control panel

Centova Cast is by far the most in depth streaming control panel for Icecast server hosting and Shoutcast server hosting, for that matter. The industry leading software is an Ajax based drag and drop controller which lets users modify content without leaving the familiarity and comfort of a modern web browser.

The playlist manager supports four types of basic radio programming: general rotation, scheduled, interval, and immediate. First upload an intro file to welcome new listener connections. Then assign different playback “weights” to give specific songs more or less precedence. Next insert jingles or radio station id clips to repeat regularly. Finally, mix media by time and date, random shuffling, or sequential order, etc.

The newest software development packages a web player, as well as other copy and paste widgets, for easy integration into websites. The design also improves statistical interactivity and tracks listener behavior for analytics and royalty reporting purposes. Try the demo.

Icecast Server Hosting Plans

Custom packages available upon request


  • Disk Space  
    The maximum amount of audio storage per Icecast hosting account.
  • Data Transfer  
    The total limit of inbound and outbound listener traffic per Icecast account.
  • Listener Slots  
    The highest number of concurrent listener connections that a single Icecast server can stream simultaneously.
  • Bitrate Limit  
    The bandwidth cap for multiple mountpoint sources which includes local and remote signals.
  • Mountpoints  
    Run alternative streams, combine content and genres, or house lo-fi and hi-fi bitrate options under the same Icecast server hosting configuration file.

64 Kbps

$9.99per month
  • 500 Megabytes
  • 500 Gigabytes
  • 50 Listeners
  • 64 Kbps Max
  • 1 Mount

128 Kbps

$17.99per month
  • 1 Gigabyte
  • 1 Terabyte
  • 100 Listeners
  • 128 Kbps Max
  • 3 Mounts

256 Kbps

$31.99per month
  • 2 Gigabytes
  • 2 Terabytes
  • 200 Listeners
  • 256 Kbps Max
  • 4 Mounts

384 Kbps

$41.99per month
  • 3 Gigabytes
  • 3 Terabytes
  • 300 Listeners
  • 384 Kbps Max
  • 5 Mounts

512 Kbps

$59.99per month
  • 5 Gigabytes
  • 5 Terabytes
  • 500 Listeners
  • 512 Kbps Max
  • 7 Mounts

1024 Kbps

$99.99per month
  • 10 Gigabytes
  • 10 Terabytes
  • 1,000 Listeners
  • 1 Mbps Max
  • 10 Mounts

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  • Auto DJ  
    Sourcing Icecast with Ices Auto DJ.
  • Port 80 Proxy  
    Open port 80 to audiences listening behind a work firewall.
  • Centova Cast  
    Manage Icecast servers, djs, small tasks, and day to day operations through a point and click control panel.
  • Flash Player  
    Embed Icecast servers through an external Flash Player in any website as an alternative tune in method.
  • Website Widgets  
    Copy and paste Icecast server hosting scripts written for website integration.
  • On Demand  
    Catalog an archive of songs for instant playback on Icecast servers.
  • Intro File  
    Burst digital audio to listeners prior to an on air source.
  • Fallback File  
    Loop an audio back up to prevent dead air when a Icecast server hosting source disconnects.
  • Relay Server  
    Send streams back and forth between Icecast servers.
  • Media Library  
    Upload and organize mp3 files through an easy to use Icecast server hosting drag and drop interface.
  • Audio Formats  
    Made to order custom Icecast server hosting links for Winamp, Windows, Real, Quicktime, and iTunes.
  • Advanced Statistics  
    Monitor Icecast servers by listener interactions: media player, peak times, locations, and more.
  • Royalty Reports  
    Analyze Icecast servers through downloadable spreadsheets containing a collection of aggregate data.
  • Album Covers  
    Import album artwork through Amazon.com to monetize affiliate tracking codes.
  • Icecast Admin  
    A web based Icecast server hosting admin, separate from Centova Cast, that installs out of the box.
  • View Logs  
    Read the output print by the binary to debug a Icecast hosting configuration.
  • FTP  
    Access the home directory of any Icecast hosting account.
  • Technical Support  
    Icecast server hosting experts, customer care, and support with a very personal experience.
  • Free Setup  
    Instant account activation upon payment receipt.
  • Uptime Guarantee  
    Be confident 99.9% of the time on tier one network backbone.
  • No Contract  
    Services come on a month to month or year to year basis, cancel at any time - no refunds.

Icecast Server Hosting Compatibility

Icecast server hosting is a compatible streaming audio platform

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