100% Operations Transparency

View live and historical server uptime statistics

Streaming Servers

Shoutcast and Icecast streaming servers burst pre-roll audio data to media players in order to prevent buffering. Add an intro file to place ads or jingles as listeners connect to monetize a station. Record royalty reporting statistics as well.

$9.99 / per month


Website Hosting

A hands on tech is standing by waiting to assist you as concierge and guide during your cyber stay. Welcome. Please do not hesitate to ask for help or advice. Learn. Challenge the linux cPanel website hosting expertise of our support staff.

$4.99 / per month


Best Small Business Hosting Practices

PCI Compliant Gateway

The security of all private client data passes through quarterly PCI DSS certification scans and inspections.

Linux Technical Support

No outsourcing here. No canned answers. Just quick replies to custom questions in 100% fluent English.

Global Monitoring Network

The Internet never blinks. The eye in the sky is watching 24 hours a day in the case that an outage event occurs.

Server Shield & Firewall

Mitigate DDOS attacks or abuse instantly via network infrastructure protocols and server side hardening.

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