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Website hosting and streaming servers

Website Hosting

A hands on tech and concierge is standing by now waiting to serve you. Experience the personal touch from a friendly support staff. Linux cPanel website hosting runs on solid state drives (SSD) and quad core Intel processors.

Accelerate caching speeds dramatically for visitors with our CloudFlare FREE certified partner product. Furthermore, WordPress Management is available exclusively to website hosting customers seeking additional assistance.

$4.99 / per month

Internet Streaming Radio Service Provider

Streaming Servers

Both Shoutcast and Icecast streaming servers prevent lag by bursting pre-roll audio data to media players. The Centova Cast control panel monitors for crashes. And, an auto dj running in the background acts as a failover to bypass bottlenecks between the client server source.

Finally, our 99.99% uptime is made public record with a reputable third party provider. In other words, every precaution is taken as a webcasting and Internet radio host to keep broadcasts live on air.

$9.99 / per month

Internet Streaming Radio Service Provider

100% Operations Transparency

View live and historical server uptime statistics

Website & Webcast Hosting Infrastructure

Professional grade website and webcasting platform

PCI Compliant Gateway

The security of all private client data passes through quarterly PCI DSS certification scans and inspections.

Linux Technical Support

No outsourcing here. No canned answers. Just quick replies to custom questions in 100% fluent English.

Global Monitoring Network

Uptime checks every sixty seconds from multiple locations around the globe. The Internet never sleeps.

Server Shield & Firewall

Mitigate DDOS attacks or abuse instantly via network infrastructure protocols and server side hardening.

Websites & Webcasts Blog

Eighteen years in the web hosting industry

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