01 May

KC/DC Highway To Hell

Hello citizens of ROCKHOST.COM,

Last week I had the chance to roadtrip, server in tow, up to an undisclosed Kansas City datacenter which shall remain unnamed as I got myself into a minor social media conspiracy via a Foursquare check-in. The military like cold war secrecy of technology does exist. I can tell you that much first hand from the tour. Hell, I had to bring a passport just to get in the front door and separate premade key card for full access to the racks. The drama wasn’t exclusive to location, but rather that I identified myself in a picture against a node of mysterious hardware otherwise known as the cloud.

Now what kind’a rock n’ roll outlaw would I be if I didn’t rebel a little? ;^)

Pretty interesting field trip for a guy who works from home. Thanks to Tom L for the handshake and warm welcome.



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