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cPanel is the industry standard “control panel” for website hosting automation. What that means in human terms is everyday people, with no technical training, can engage in and manage a website. Users login to a visual interface and click a few buttons to create email addresses @ their own dot com, for example.

Then, of course, there is the ability to host multiple domain names. Park more than one domain name on the same site or add sub domains to divide a website into distinct parts. Hosting completely separate websites is fair game too. Try the cPanel demo.

Linux cPanel Website Hosting


Rest assured with SiteLock daily malware scanning and site security. SiteLock displays a dynamic site seal and badge to let potential customers know in real time the current website state and most recent deep scan results. Scroll down and click on the Sitelock website seal to see a live preview.

Malicious injections not only infect visitor traffic, but cause irrevocable damage to the reputation of any web presence or profile. Whether it is pop ups, computer warnings, or a red flag in search results, abuse is harmful. Let SiteLock find vulnerabilities before hackers do.

SiteLock Web Security

SSL Certificates

SSL is quickly becoming the modern standard for web browsers. Both Safari and Chrome currently label http web pages as “Not Secure” in their address bars versus showing a secure lock icon when websites are implementing the https protocol. Additionally, Google has been using https as a known ranking factor since 2014.

Shoppers specifically recognize trust seals and browser alerts. Help improve customer confidence and retention by masking confidential financial information. Encrypt the data stream between the web server and the web surfer, the client-server connection.


SSL Certificates

WordPress Management

WordPress accounts for over 25% of all website hosting content on the Internet. Even though WordPress is a publishing tool for mainstream users, the interface can be completely overwhelming. itself is built on WordPress and hosts hundreds of client installations. If you need guidance finding your way around the admin area or simply would like to hire help, please look no further. Get a quote on WordPress Management as a one time flat fee or exclusive add on product available only to website hosting customers.


WordPress Management

Install any content management software (CMS): WordPress, Drupal, Joomla with a few clicks in the control panel. Choose from hundreds of popular and modern web applications. Shopping cart software of all kinds, scripts galore. Examine the full catalog:

Hosting a website on an exclusive IP address has its benefits. Avoid poor email sender reputation through sharing an IP pool. Attract higher SEO rankings through a unique dedicated IP. Shopping carts implement SSL Certificates to encrypt ecommerce data over a private Internet Protocol (IP).

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