Shoutcast Server Hosting Comparison Table

Pay as you go stream hosting on a premium content delivery network

Cirrus: A La Carte

$9.99per month
$9.99per month
  • 1 Gb Disk Space
  • 1 Tb Data Transfer
  • 10 Listener Slots
  • 128 Kbps Bandwidth
  • 3 Mountpoints

Technical Specifications
  • Disk Space     
    The maximum amount of audio storage per Shoutcast hosting account.
  • Data Transfer     
    The total limit of inbound and outbound listener traffic per Shoutcast account.
  • Listener Slots     
    The highest number of concurrent listener connections that a single Shoutcast server can stream simultaneously.
  • Bitrate Limit     
    The bandwidth cap for multiple mountpoint sources which includes local and remote signals.
  • Mountpoints     
    Run alternative streams, combine content and genres, or house lo-fi and hi-fi bitrate options under the same Shoutcast server configuration file.
  • Auto DJ     
    Piggyback a server side controller to schedule playlists, crossfade tracks, skip songs, etc., on top of a standard Shoutcast server configuration.

Cumulus: All-Inclusive

$99per month
$99per month
  • 10 Gb Disk Space
  • 10 Tb Data Transfer
  • 1,000 Listener Slots
  • 1 Mbps Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Mountpoints
  • Shoutcast CDN     
    Master or slave relays across a distributed Shoutcast content delivery network.
  • Port 80 Proxy     
    Open port 80 to audiences listening behind a work firewall.
  • Raw Config     
    Only trusted clients are allowed to edit their sc_serv.conf file directly.
  • Centova Cast     
    Manage Shoutcast servers, djs, small tasks, and day to day operations through a point and click control panel.
  • Flash Player     
    Embed Shoutcast servers through an external Flash Player in any website as an alternative tune in method.
  • Website Widgets     
    Copy and paste Shoutcast server hosting scripts written for website integration.
  • On Demand Tracks     
    Catalog an archive of songs for instant playback on Shoutcast servers.
  • Intro File     
    Burst digital audio to listeners prior to an on air source.
  • Fallback File     
    Loop an audio back up to prevent dead air when a Shoutcast hosting source disconnects.
  • Relay Server     
    Send streams back and forth between Shoutcast servers.
  • Media Library     
    Upload and organize mp3 files through an easy to use Shoutcast server hosting drag and drop interface.
  • Audio Formats     
    Made to order custom Shoutcast server hosting links for Winamp, Windows, Real, Quicktime, and iTunes.
  • Advanced Statistics     
    Monitor Shoutcast servers by listener interactions: media player, peak times, locations, and more.
  • Royalty Reports     
    Analyze Shoutcast servers through downloadable spreadsheets containing a collection of aggregate data.
  • Album Covers     
    Import album artwork through Amazon.com to monetize affiliate tracking codes.
  • DNAS Status     
    A web based Shoutcast server hosting admin, separate from Centova Cast, that installs out of the box.
  • View Logs     
    Read the output print by the binary to debug a Shoutcast hosting configuration.
  • FTP     
    Access the home directory of any Shoutcast hosting account.
  • Technical Support     
    Shoutcast server hosting experts, customer care, and support with a very personal experience.
  • Free Setup     
    Instant account activation upon payment receipt.
  • Uptime Guarantee     
    Be confident 99.9% of the time on tier one network backbone.
  • No Contract     
    Services come on a month to month or year to year basis, cancel at any time - no refunds.

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