ROCKHOST.COM, Inc. deploys open source CentOS Linux servers patched and hardened for the utmost security of client data. Read our privacy policy.

Seamlessly switch from host to host. Incoming transfers are welcome. Please contact support.

Protect the reputation of a mail server through hosting on an exclusive IP address. Dedicated IPs are also a requirement for SSL certificates and ecommerce hosting.

Snapshots, cPanel “tarballs” if you will, are taken on a overnight basis during a 7 day retention period.

Website Hosting

THE original hosting control panel since 1997. Create email accounts, manage databases, aggregate visitor metrics, etcetera, etcetera. Try the cPanel Demo.

Maldet, Rootkit and ClamAV, an engine for detecting trojans, viruses, malware and other malicious threats.

Choose and install from over three hundred popular web applications with the click of the button: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal. Power at your finger tips.

Securely process credit card transactions as a full scale Internet merchant to save on residual costs.

Shared cPanel Hosting

A Note About cPanel Web Hosting Automation

To the lesser tech savvy, the cPanel “control panel” serves a single purpose. Automate web hosting for the masses. You don’t need a degree to create email addresses, manage databases, change passwords and so forth and so on. Point and click. Perform easy to do day to day tasks.

The shared Linux cPanel web hosting platform jails multiple users into separate coordinating home directories. Host unlimited domain names and websites within a single cPanel account. On the backend, CloudLinux cages RAM and CPU to distribute resources systematically. No more viral sites crippling an entire shared server.


Single Sign-On

Login to manage all ROCKHOST.COM, Inc. services through a single dashboard interface, the Client Portal. Modify domain records, access cPanelID, etc.

Technical Support

An intangible in the web hosting industry is technical support. Expect swift support ticket replies, zero canned answers and absolutely no outsourcing.

Critical Care

Uptime is made available to the public. Track status of the hosting network in real time. Please excuse any necessary server maintenance done in non peak hours.

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